Commission for Beyond Walls icm Museum Maluku

For the livestream Betadisini in March 2021, produced by Beyond Walls at Musem Maluku, honouring 70 years of Moluccan people in the Netherlands, I made a design visualizing the story of Moluccans, colonialism and the journey to Holland, the design was printed on a 2,50×2,50m banner and used as background decor for the livestream on Youtube. De printed banner turned out really pink. As you can see the difference between the original design and the banner.

This work represents an artistic visual storytelling of the history of Moluccans in Maluku, the boat trip to Holland & the time in Holland from 1951 until now. I tried to represent the Moluccan community in the broadest sense and represent the different varieties that are and were present. I became also aware of gender roles and tried to not only represent men and women in the traditional gender roles. @Beyondwalls helped me with this and made me aware. And I loved that! I had to do a lot of research , searching through lots and lots of photos, in the archive of mainly Museum-Maluku. It was a challenge to use so many photos and still be true to my own artistic style. I used old scanned-in painted cut outs from paper and combined them with the photos and created depth through layering in Photoshop. The lines that connect the 3 parts together represent the interconnectedness of the times in history and the now. The past has paved the way for our present and our future (here in Holland) & At the same time we will always stay deeply connected to our Moluccan roots, not forgetting where we come from and how we have come here. 

Baby birth cards


Commissioned collage




I was asked to make a collage with an old photo of the grandmother of a client. It’s a beautiful black and white photo where she is performing a traditional dance. I made several concepts and my client chose her favourite. It was printed by a fine art printer in Holland on Hahnemühle archival thick bamboo paper.

oma lisa def copyweb


Book cover design

Book cover for a non-fictional family history book.