October 2021

Baarn, Jardin d’Hiverre – MAHAI

May 2021

The Hague, Museum Maluku – IKAT



June 2023

Happinez magazine 4 / 2023 – beeldopening “Magische werelden” & Interview about my work

January 2023

 Happinez magazine 1 / 2023 – “Zeven zielstypen, Wat is jouw rol in het leven?” 

May 2022

Happinez magazine, Intuition Guide – “World of Happiness” 

August 2021

Flow Magazine online – “Plaatjes kijken met Marjolijn”

May 2021

Paris Collage Collective Yearbook 2020



Happinez magazine – June 2023



Happinez magazine – January 2023


Happinez Intuition Guide – May 2022



Flow magazine, online – August 2021


 Paris Collage Collective yearbook 2020

The Paris Collage Collective is an online community, mainly active on Instagram. PCC has a weekly challenges whereby every week you get a specific image, with which you make a collage. It can be analog or digital. PCC then selects a few collages per day, every day for that week to publish on their Instagram feed.

PCC has selected one of my collages, to publish in their 2020 yearbook. This is one of the first collages I ever submitted for their weekly challenge. The man [‘doctor’ ] in this collage, was part of the original image I had to work with.

You can find the Paris Collage Collective on instagram @pariscollagecollective or on their website